Baixa House

Lisbon / Portugal


CONCEPT - June 2010 to february 2011

  • Naming and unique accommodation concept development
  • Services definition: welcome process, accommodation, breakfast, information, contact with guests
  • Collaboration on the definition of the aesthetics, furnishing and usability
  • Co-management to the end of the refurbishing works
  • Licenses management
  • Team definition and organization
  • Linen, household and furniture selection and purchase

MANAGEMENT - June 2010 to november 2016

  • Design and management of booking system
  • Website design and management
  • Working process definition
  • Team selection, training and management
  • Guest care: before, during and after stay
  • Suppliers selection and purchases organization
  • Integrated daily management

COMMUNICATION - June 2010 to november 2016

  • Press kit design
  • Photo essay assistance and art direction
  • Local and foreign media communication